The Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the most impressive teams in the NBA right now, just one step below the almost unstoppable Miami Heat. They entered the postseason with get started building links spot in the Western Conference playoffs, and quickly built a three games to none lead the particular Houston Rockets. However, they now find themselves up just three games to two. mobile legends cheats involving fourth quarter of last night’s game in Oklahoma City, which the Rockets won , was to foul Houston center Omer Asik, attempting to grind the game to a halt and make the Rockets earn their points at the free throw line.

Unfortunately, the tactic backfired, as Asik made thirteen of his eighteen foul shots, despite as being a free throw player with the dice. The Thunder’s head coach Scott Brooks simply came up dry with his attempt and slow the Rockets down by sending their worst free throw shooter to your line. After he made the first few shots, he should probably have been left alone and sport turned over the Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin, and Serge Ibaka. Durant finished points, but went for in lastly quarter.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the hackAsik strategy was that it showed the Thunder losing confidence in their game plan. Defensively, OKC is a formidable team that almost never utilizes hacking tactics to slow down an opposing team’s offense. Even worse, the Thunder as a whole and Asik particularly obviously gained confidence as the center kept making his foul shots. The MVP of mafia wars was James Harden, who shot for from behind the threepoint line and scored points on shots.